OML-MENA “Next Leaders Summit 2022”

 June 4&5, 2022@ZOOM

Each day, 11:00-14:00 Makkah Time (+3GMT)

One Million Leaders-MENA (OML-MENA)

We are connecting, inspiring and empowering one million young sustainability leaders by 2030 through a unique Fellowship and Networking model. And, we kick-off this amazing journey on June 4th& 5th .2022 with the first OML-MENA “Next Leaders’ Summit”.

Join this unique gathering of young social and environmental innovators from across MENA, where we will co-design the future of sustainable leadership in and for the region. Become an OML-MENA fellow and lead the change. Be on the edge - help shape the future you desire and that your children deserve.

Being part of a global movement that includes OML- Africa ( OMLA) , OML- Asia ( OMLAS)and OML Latin America (OMLAT). OML MENA encourages you to join in and add your positive impact to our OML- MENA.

The background

The MENA region, stretching from Morocco in the West to Iraq in the East, has a population of approximately 422M (2000, World Bank). By 2050, the population is projected to almost double to 724 million (World Bank).

Along with the rest of the world, the region is facing a number of sustainability challenges, many of them related to land and soil degradation, energy and water supply, sanitation, health, and urbanization.

Without radical, decentralized, and community-based innovation by a new generation of sustainability leaders across the region, severe bottlenecks could hamper strides in social and economic development.

While governments across the region collaborate to overcome environmental bottlenecks in the next few decades, a strong need exists for positive youth development to support the next generation of change makers, young practitioners and professionals to accelerate social and environmental innovation, sustainability leadership and social entrepreneurship.

This is the movement which OML-MENA – One Million Leaders MENA –  hopes to spark and take forward.